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Welcome to The You Evolution™!
We go to the depths of relevant, real-life, relational stuff. Stuff you can actually use to better yourself and in turn, your relationships. There’s no fluff here. No superficial, lukewarm posts.

I’m glad you’re here.

Donna Smaldone

Tuesday / April 21 / 2015

Innate awakenings

Zeke Donald sleeping on his silken pillow.

It wasn’t the thunder that woke me at 2:23am. It was mother’s intuition. As if I’d gotten a full night’s sleep, I was up. Ready, willing and able to take on whatever monsters lay in waitRead the full story…

Thursday / April 16 / 2015

Monsters under the bed

“SUCKER!” is what my daughter dubbed me when I explained why I turned-on the light in my three-year-old grandson Brody’s closet before tucking him in for the night while babysitting.  Read the full story…

Saturday / April 11 / 2015

Unplug it for a few minutes

Zeke in his "Doggie TV" window seat as I pen this post

It’s 3:55 in the morning. I’m awake and I know exactly why. Something is springing to life in me. That ‘something’ isn’t new, really — more, she’s evolving. After being in a cocoon of sorts, I felt her pull in a breath of air just now as if awakening from a coma. It felt great. It made me want to write! Read the full story…

Tuesday / March 31 / 2015

6 Ways for You and Your Children to have a Happy, Healthy Easter


Before you fill the traditional Easter basket for your children, consider how you’re setting them up for future body image and weight loss struggles (perhaps ones you’ve struggled with yourself). This important post comes from Dr. Wayne AndersenNew York Times Bestselling Author, Co-founder of Take Shape for Life and Leader in Optimal Health.  Read the full story…

Tuesday / May 13 / 2014

The broad brush of teamwork after the game


The crisp October day came with a mix of nervousness and excitement as we readied ourselves for battle. We had home field advantage in the Win-or-Go-Home high school field hockey game and our team was amped. What we didn’t know and could not have possible understood, was this was the last time we’d all laugh and share life together. Read the full story…